toughradius.common.json_log_formater 源代码

import logging
from datetime import datetime

import json


[文档]class JSONFormatter(logging.Formatter): """JSON log formatter. Usage example:: import logging import json_log_formatter json_handler = logging.FileHandler(filename='/var/log/my-log.json') json_handler.setFormatter(json_log_formatter.JSONFormatter()) logger = logging.getLogger('my_json') logger.addHandler(json_handler)'Sign up', extra={'referral_code': '52d6ce'}) The log file will contain the following log record (inline):: { "message": "Sign up", "time": "2015-09-01T06:06:26.524448", "referral_code": "52d6ce" } """ json_lib = json
[文档] def format(self, record): message = record.getMessage() extra = self.extra_from_record(record) json_record = self.json_record(message, extra, record) mutated_record = self.mutate_json_record(json_record) # Backwards compatibility: Functions that overwrite this but don't # return a new value will return None because they modified the # argument passed in. if mutated_record is None: mutated_record = json_record return self.to_json(mutated_record)
[文档] def to_json(self, record): """Converts record dict to a JSON string. Override this method to change the way dict is converted to JSON. """ return self.json_lib.dumps(record,default=repr,ensure_ascii=False)
[文档] def extra_from_record(self, record): """Returns `extra` dict you passed to logger. The `extra` keyword argument is used to populate the `__dict__` of the `LogRecord`. """ return { attr_name: record.__dict__[attr_name] for attr_name in record.__dict__ if attr_name not in BUILTIN_ATTRS }
[文档] def json_record(self, message, extra, record): """Prepares a JSON payload which will be logged. Override this method to change JSON log format. :param message: Log message, e.g., `'Sign up')`. :param extra: Dictionary that was passed as `extra` param `'Sign up', extra={'referral_code': '52d6ce'})`. :param record: `LogRecord` we got from `JSONFormatter.format()`. :return: Dictionary which will be passed to JSON lib. """ extra['message'] = message if 'time' not in extra: extra['time'] = datetime.utcnow() if record.exc_info: extra['exc_info'] = self.formatException(record.exc_info) return extra
[文档] def mutate_json_record(self, json_record): """Override it to convert fields of `json_record` to needed types. Default implementation converts `datetime` to string in ISO8601 format. """ for attr_name in json_record: attr = json_record[attr_name] if isinstance(attr, datetime): json_record[attr_name] = attr.isoformat() return json_record